Weird WH


I recently got into a WH which had a ton of signatures (yay! i said, sure must be a relic or two) so i scanned and i scanned and EVEY signature turned out to be a WH… nothing else just wormholes.

They all seemed to lead to NULL and whats more interesting, each time i warped to a scanned WH my ship landed at 80km from the wh and each wh has around several “sleeper linkage structure”

Do you have any more info about what this is ?

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Congrats, you found a Drifter Wormhole.

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Yup, that’s a drifter wormhole. You’ll notice that the wormholes (except the one you came in through) are also not the regular “Unstable” kind but “Unidentified”. Warp mechanics to unidentified wormholes are a bit strange, the warp in spot is about 100km from the actual wormhole.

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Alright thanks for clarifications.

From what i read nothing special though…

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