Unidentified Womrholes Too Dangerous for T1 Exploration?

There are these beacons called unidentified wormholes and they have rats around them. Are these too dangerous for T1 exploration frigates, or do they move slow enough you can reach the WHs without MWD?

Those lead to Drifter Wormholes, they don’t contain any useful sites for anyone really. Some good PVE but its high level.


Well even if the drifter wormhole itself is not usable for me, if it has a K-space connection I can find routes for my corpmates’ Occators. Of course, this assumes I can safely get to the wormhole without getting blown up

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Generally, Warp to the UniWh cloaked, this drops you at 100km or so, a pair of Drifters will visit the hole at some point. When they leave you can slowboat to the hole safely. It looks like they jump through but they just despawn. Should be around 60 holes inside to play with, a couple might by C2 but the rest are K-space.

There exist only 5 drifter j-spaces in the game, and this provides a huge advantage. When you see an unidentified wormhole, and jump in, note which one it was. Because the system’s “name” is hard to remember, people nickname the drifter wormholes by the name of the anomaly beacon they contain. Before leaving the j-space again and returning to the jspace you came from, drop a bookmark on the outgoing WH. As you continue travelling in k-space, you’ll come across other unidentified wormholes. Because there’s only five of them, you have a 1 in 5 chance the new unidentified wormhole you noticed connects to the same j-space you’ve already been at before, and if it does, you just found yourself a potentially good shortcut.

Sort of, the hole types are unique but the initial is the same as the name, V928 always leads to the Vidette system for example. There are 1,000 systems which contain Jovian Observatories and the UniWh will only spawn in those systems, you can make a map of local systems with JO to check.

I just noticed there doesn’t seem to be a drifter black hole

Drifters would be insane in a black hole. Killing them safely really needs webbing them down and tracking disruption, plus their weapon acts like a missile turret.

Wait, they’re a rat where webs are mandatory? As a k-space guy I never saw a site designed for subcap ships that couldn’t be handled by a fleet using 720s and drones with a single logi and without webs. Even the sites that normally requires marauders can do down with enough Hurricane Fleet Issues. But I don’t leave K-space too much. Mainly I check around for relics and shortcuts. So my familiarity with combat sites is with K-space and a few C2 sites soloable. I am a bit curious of the Forgotten Frontier Conversion Module of the C4. Could 3 1400 equipped Tempest Fleet Issues do one? How about a lone Marauder?

The actual anomalies are tricky, but even a single Drifter BS is a nasty ship. They have a blue Overshield, kill that and they unleash a Doomsday of around 660k Omni-damage. Once that’s gone they are fairly squishy but you will probably be down one ship and a lot of the time there will be two BS. Arithmos Tyrannos is different, no DD but its hellishly tanky. If you are willing to sacrifice ships then a pack of Caracals can do it, but the safe way is TD and Webs. Eve Online - ARC - Drifter Hive Orientation - YouTube

Its possible to solo then with a Rattlesnake, but a command ship can help, There used to be 8 sub-caps capable of doing it, but that was before a lot of changes.

It has a LOT of k-space routes!

But, this also assumes your corpmate’s occator can safely get to the wormhole without getting blown up. To be honest, your scanning ship has the better odds…

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https://i.imgur.com/z22L8WK.png One I did some time ago, 60 connections.

It’s kind of funny, I just remembered that K162 don’t count towards the number of anomalies in a constellation for signature purposes when it comes to respawning. So you can get more than 60 inside a drifter wormhole, or in theory more than 60 in a normal one. Nothing stops very constellation from spawning wandering wormholes to the same place.

No, they are not too dangerous to explore, even with T1 ships. Unid WH lead to other areas of K-space and can be used as a transit locale. The random appearance of Drifters are a hazard for the larger ship classes, Transports, Battlecruisers, and Battleships, however a decent scout in a frigate or dessie should be able to evade the Drifters and provide updated intel for larger ships.

A couple of simple rules. Every ship going into K-space should have a cloak, and flying in small groups instead of flying solo is highly advisable, although not necessary.

Always take what you can afford to lose.

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