Drone 10/10

Is a drone 10/10 scannable once the site has started?

For example, say I was running a Drone 1010 site and then a neut comes into the system. I then warp to a safe. Can that neut scan the drones in that escalation site and warp there?

With combat probes, you can scan down:

  • ships
  • drones
  • deployable structures (mtu, mobile depots, mobile bubbles, etc)
  • anchorable structures (citadels, engineering complexes, refineries, POS-towers)

So unless you left your drones or MTU there, they won’t be able to find the site.
And also only if they have combat probes with them.

If you left your drones in the site, there is also the chance that the NPCs will kill some or all of them.

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