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So idk if this is a dumb question. What do you guys do about drones clogging up inventory? And I mean in stations. Not on a ship. I guess they won’t restack cause they have hp. But what do you do about all the space they take up. I know it seems silly cause they’re not causing any real issues. I just find it really annoying have tons of different drones I have to scroll through cause they don’t stack. Like I would think there would be a separate inventory folder just for drones or something. Am I missing something and is there a better way to deal with it? Or do I just have to live with it. Cause I find it super irritating in an ocd kind of way.

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What I do is:

First; Select All > Get Repair Quote > Repair All
2nd; Select All > Repackage, then Stack All

This way all damaged items will be repaired (including drones) and you can then repackage and stack your items to minimize the clutter of your Hangar.

I, like many others, use Station Containers to sort my Hangar Inventory; like one for each of the following categories:

  • Armor/Shield/Hull
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Ammunition
  • Drones
  • Faction/Officer
  • Remote Repair
  • etc. etc…

You can categorize your inventory this way to make it slightly easier to find specific type(s) of modules for what you need, rather than having to use the Search field each and every time (if you do not know the exact/partial name of the module you’re looking for).


I just have my stuff everywhere, like a messy kid’s playroom.

If you don’t care about making a “profit” on selling your looted drones and other stuff there is always the option to scrap it for minerals. Yield is 50-55%; 50% base, and +2% per level in Scrapmetal Reprocessing


They’re not salvaged drones. They’re just my personal drones. I have few of each medium and lights. I didn’t know you could repair them though. So that’s useful. As long as I can stack them I’m happy. Reprocessing is also a good tip. I do a good amount of salvaging. So I wouldn’t mind doing that to some of the trash items I get just to stack them and make them easier to sell. That way over time I can just bank a bunch of minerals and take them all to market. Even if it is inefficient. It’s still better than just trashing them. But can someone tell me what a station container is though? Is it a deployable structure? Like how does it work? Anything that let’s me organize inventory stuff is a major plus for me. I can’t stand the clutter.

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I use those inventory crates to separate everything. I even separate my drone types by size and damage type.

eve is not providing to you the possibility to organize your stuff in your hangar, nor to create different wallets etc
so station containers are what you are searching for. You don’t deploy them, you buy one, rename it, put your drones into

Well, to organize your stuff you can apply filters to item hangars. If I search for drones, I set the filter to drones and got them all.
So the first filters I set up for each character are high, medium, low, drones, minerals, ore, ammunition. Some filters are already prepared by the game.

Be aware you have to switch off the filters when finished, or you’ll wonder why you don’t find any ammo in your battlecruiser :slight_smile:

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