Drone Walkers - Omerta. Corp is recruiting all types of pilots willing to PVP


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Drone Walkers - Omerta. Corp - Null Sec

Omerta. Corp is a Null Sec corporation recruiting all types of pilots to join us in the null security space of Impass. We are a close knit corporation that is expanding our way into both EU and US time zones.

Our requirements:

  • 5 million skill points
  • PVP partitapation
  • Omega Account (Alpha Alt accounts ok)
  • Willingness to train Alliance Doctorines
  • Ability to use TS3, Mumble, and Discord
  • Full Api for all accounts

We offer

  • Upgraded space for ratting
  • Upgraded space for Rorqual mining
  • SRP on qualifying fleets
  • Various Citadels to dock, build, and refine, invent, etc
  • Access to alliance and coalition fleets
  • Jump Bridge network
  • and much much more

Interest in joining or looking for more information? Drop by “Omerta. Public” in game to have all your questions answered.

Ready to apply? Please fill out this form to get the process started.

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Recruitment still open

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Recruitment still open

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Recruitment still open

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We are still recruiting. Major plus, we are totally awesome people!

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Recruitment still open

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Recruitment still open

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