Omerta corp is Recruiting Pvpers/Miners

Omerta wants you!

  • Who we are? Omerta. (MFLIA), member of the Drone Walkers Alliance, and Legacy Coalition.

  • What we offer? Basically everything Nullsec has to offer, plus all the conveniences that WALKA members enjoy. The opportunity to grow with an corp/alliance and being part of something big.

  • What do we want? Brothers! Active friends, who have combat experience and the will to push for more. Corporations that are small or big that want to be part of something bigger are welcome to join our family.

  • A strong industrial backbone? Even better, the supers won’t build themselves.


MFLIA is developing into a strong family, and you can join our small group of RL friends and large group of eve friends that have played for years.

Now for some boring information:

MFLIA we are mostly players from USTZ but looking for an all around corp base.

As I have already mentioned, we are part of a sov-holding alliance within the Legacy Coalition.

That means: The comfort of a well developed logistic system like jump bridges, engineering complexes and market hubs. Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) for about every fuckery you can do in EVE. Massive coalition fleet, medium gang warfare, or small gang, we have access to, or start it all.

Upgraded systems makes ratting for ISK easy. Mining? No problem, everyone does that here, there is always a mining op/fleet somewhere!

Jokes aside, you are required to be at least able to defend your space. Train into a proper ship and show us you know how it’s done.

Speaking of shooting others. There are fleets on a regular basis led by our very own FC’s.
What we want from you is the will to be part of a bigger group and contribute to the whole alliance.


  • Be able to get along with others (Don’t be a Dick).

  • Mandatory Teamspeak 3/Discord Comms.

  • Omega Account

  • Full Api before you join

  • Ability to fly ships in our doctrines or committing to work towards them

Other Things we Offer:

  • KeepStar access

  • Azbel, Athanor, Fortizar, Raitaru access in Corp Pve system

  • Rorqual, Orca, Porpoise Boosts

  • Corp System PI Planets

  • Good Ratting grounds

  • Great Pvp for days when you want to

Still interested? Excellent! Join the game channel “Omerta. Public”. Otherwise you can always contact Blackorin, Triget or Mikal Rotineque.

Looking for pilots, Drop by Omerta. public today for more info!!!

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Recruitment still open. Give us a look if your looking for a home in null.

It’s been a long while since I played but I am looking to find a Corp before I get O. I have a few miners and transports for res and a few smaller class ships. Only questions are what is API? And how do I apply in game.

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