The Order of Omerta is Looking to Grow

Omerta needs pilots! All kinds welcome.

We are The Order of Omerta and we are a mining and indy Corp with access to highsec and lowsec space and even some null mining. We are mostly focused on indy and mining but have a solid number of players who enjoy pvp as well.

We’re a peaceful bunch who enjoy playing the game and not being led by it.

We have tons of content and need more players to enjoy it.

Mining- we have tons of moons ( including r64 moons ), ice, belt and anom mining going on as well. We have large fleets with rorq boosts and pvp cover team.

PvE- we got ppl who are into running data and relic sites, ratting, mission running and more. Come sharpen your skills with us and make that money.

PvP- we have noobs and vets alike who enjoy pvp and the alliance pings for pvp fleets daily, so if you like to blow stuff up come join our fleets and help grow Omerta’s killboard.

Indy- we have our own infrastructure set up in hs and alliance has theirs set up in lowsec so whatever your manufacturing needs are we can meet them for you.

Veterans- we appreciate our vets who help us know more about this game. We’re always in need of experienced players in all fields to help us grow and educate our people.

Newbro- we are newbro friendly (minimum 2 weeks in game) and can help with training classes and materials. Let us teach you the ways.

We’re in need of more experienced FCs so if you like small gang pvp, blops or cap fights come join and help us build our reputation.

We’re drama free and just enjoy flying together and doing what we love in game. Come join us.

If interested mail Varina Vengari (USTZ) or Jerry Hojbjerg (AUTZ), or reply to this post

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We’re still looking, mail Varina Vengari (USTZ) or Jerry Hojbjerg (AUTZ)

We’re still looking, mail Varina Vengari (USTZ) or Jerry Hojbjerg (AUTZ)

We’re still looking, mail Varina Vengari (USTZ) or Jerry Hojbjerg (AUTZ)

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