The Order of Omerta is LF looking for members. Mining, indy and pvp pilots wanted

We are The Order of Omerta and we are looking for more pilots who want to be part of a tight knit community.

We are into mining, indy, pvp and pve. We are newbro and returning players friendly with ppl who love to help.

We are The indy and mining backbone of our alliance and we have structures rigged ready for work and a Corp buyback and sellback program as well as access to coalition markets. Join our jukebox mining fleets and enjoy bullshitting and listening to music with us.

If you like pvp we got everything from sig groups to small gang roams to big coalition battles. SRP program and experienced FCs to lead you to glory. If you don’t like pvp no CTA requirements just help defend our space if ppl try to ■■■■ with us, Corp motto “mama didn’t raise no ■■■■■” we defend our ppl and our ■■■■.

If you like pve we got great ratting and a low Corp tax rate to let you earn more. Incursion access and great combat sites to help fatten those wallets.

We do fun group activities from pvp bait mining fleets to trivia nights and a Corp lottery for players new and old to win prizes.

Come join the family and see why our ppl love this Corp.

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