Order of Omerta come fly with us

The Order of Omerta is once again recruiting. We are a proud member of the Celestial Empire alliance and would love to have you join us. We are primarily a Industry and Mining Corp but looking to build a small group of Elite PvPers to have fun and protect our friends.

Requirements are:

Good activity in corp and alliance ops. We realize that real life comes first but would like people who log in a couple of times a week.

Headset- Headsets are a requirement as well as willingness to be on comms.

Willingness to train into our fleet doctrines-

Be over 18- we are a group of older pilots who fly well together and appreciate that

No Drama- We are a drama free zone and want to keep it that way

What we offer

Plenty of PvP opportunities- Corp,Allaince and coalition level ops so something for everyone

Good Isk making potential- great space for ratting and mining

Friendly helpful corp- Willing to help anyone looking at getting into null

Corp Buyback program

All applicants will go through a voice interview and background check.

Link to our discord The Order of Omerta

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