Come join The Order of Omerta

We are a chill band of guys who mine fw and pvp together. We are looking for more pilots to join our shenanigans.

We do a little of everything but have lots of love for pvp fw and mining the most.

Only require a Com for Voice interview.

We have an alliance that gives us access to moons and reactions as well as pvp activities. We don’t have sov we don’t require anything of you but to show up and have fun.

Come join the family and enjoy eve without a bunch of requirements and ■■■■■■■■ that gets in the way of having fun with this game.
US/EUtz activity
Pvp roams
Mining ops
FW fleets
Active coms
Indy projects
No mandatory bs
Chill group of ppl that will make you want to log in

Message Kartan Vengari in game or join us here The Order of Omerta

Hope to hear from you soon.

So like bump or whatever…

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Come join us and help us kill some foos

The Order of Omerta stole my propane camping grill so they could bake hashbrowns. They got so drunk that they forgot the hasbrowns were on the grill and now I’ve just got this burnt carbon mess that aint coming off.

10/10 thanks guys, would do again

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We can’t be held responsible for damaged property left in our stash house during drunken gatherings.

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we also have capri suns

And ding dongs

Still here. Come join us

Hello friends



Up it

Hi again

Come join the group voted most likely to pee on you as a means of fire suppression.

to the top!!!

Come kill with us

Bump us

Hi everybody

JOIN!!! sorry i yelled just want you to join.