The Order of Omerta is seeking pilots

Hello we are The Order of Omerta and we are looking for some pilots to add our ranks. We are focused on FW and small gang pvp and enjoy turning peoples ships into scrap metal.

We do:
FW fleets (calmil)
Pirate Counter Insurgency Fleets
Pochven Standing Fleets
NS Filament Fleets
Small/nano gang pvp
We even do a little blops now and then.
Some mining and indy too.

US/EU tz but looking to grow AU as well.

We require:
Mic to be on coms.
Active a couple times a month.

We love to have fun and don’t take the game too serious. We do have goals to work for and do so together as a team. We are newbro and returning players friendly and like to help people learn how to deliver ordinance to our enemies in a timely manner.
We are looking for people who will join coms and get in fleets with us as we want to grow the community not just add a bunch of background characters that we’ll end up purging later. If you’re a wall flower there are other Corps for you but it ain’t us, if you want to talk to a chill group that likes to fool around and blow things up then we’re your place.

Fly safe o7


Just joined two weeks ago. good group of people. Enjoying my time in the pvp fleet alot!

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Great group of people here. Come join

Bumpy Johnson

Fun, fleets and friends, what more do you need?

Hello, is it us you’re looking for?

Come see us

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Join us for nerdly shenanigans

Let’s mine and kill!

Back to hs/ls baby!

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Come join us for pvp and pve fun

Looking for pilots

Come join our shenanigans

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Hello friends

US/EU active

FW, pve, pvp, indy/ mining. Join today

Come fly with the cool nerds