Order of Omerta is recruiting PVP, PVE, Mining and Indy players, from Vets to Newbros

We’re the Order of Omerta, we’re a mining and indy Corp with players ranging from complete newbros to 10-15 year vets. Whatever you like to do we probably do it.

PvP? Yup! Our head of our war dept is an experienced pvp player and has 15 years of experience under his belt. Great at tactics and fits. We are becoming more pvp-active every day.

Mining? Yup! We have access to various systems that we can access for mining belts, ice, anoms and moon pops.

PvE? Yup! We do mission runs, ratting roams, and wh exploration.

New? We’re very newbro friendly and help with ships and training and provide a safe place to learn the game with a laid back group of people.

Veteran? Come join us, care bears, pvp enthusiasts, market traders, and any others who want a chill place to enjoy the game without mandatory fleets or other requirements that bog the game down for you.

Whatever you like we got ppl that enjoy it and can help. If you want to fly with a chill active group of people who enjoy the game and each other then apply today.

We’re a drama free (mostly) environment and just try to enjoy the game without a bunch of obligations. We understand that RL always comes first.

Interested in all time zones, especially AU and EU. We need more of you!

If interested message Jerry Hojbjerg (if response is delayed, contact Varina Vengari).

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