[NATZ/EUTZ] The Order of Omerta is looking for pilots

The Order of Omerta is a community driven corp looking for newbros and experienced pilots alike.
We are primariliy an indy corp with an interest in mining and building anything and everything but we don’t shy away from some good pvp.
Currently active in High and Low security space we are looking to boost our numbers after losing pilots to IRL.

what we look for in our players

  • Active and participating in corp activites and genrally hanging out.
  • Has a working mic
  • Will go through a voice interview
  • Go through an esi check
  • A drive to learn or teach the game

what we don’t want in a player

  • drama
  • lack of participation

if you’re interested in our little family then message Koimeijisan or Nex Terminator
you can also join our discord The Order of Omerta

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