Drones do not always recall in abyss sites

i have noticed that some times my drones get stuck orbiting around me instead of returning to drone bay, in abyss sites. note sure why, have gone thru the gate a couple times and lost drones because of this. when i do notice it, have to get them to attack something then try to recall again for them to return. pain in the ass

You have to repeat numerous commands in Abyssal space.

if you repeat the command it will not work, you have to make them do something else before they can return.

but i have also noticed that some times my commands do no register, such as clicking approach to an object, so yes you are correct

Drones do bizarre things in Abyssal space. Often they’ll disengage one target and choose another - all of their own volition. I’ve also seen them vainly pursuing enemy NPCs at 1/10th their velocity (figure that one out).

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