Drones Just Vanishing in Space during lvl4 mission

lost 9 Augumented hobgoblin ii , 10 hobgoblin ii , during one mission with them just vanishing few days ago ,

Just now another 5 hobgoblin ii vanished shortly after sending them into space to attack npc during lvl 4 mission . This time i decided not to send any more drones out once i realised they had vanished again.

Anyone else having similiar issues

I have submitted two support tickects waiting on a response.

some missions have AoE damage. Also some exploration sites do. If you use drones, they die.
Typically, Damsel, recon3, and others that I forgot.

Can you go into little bit more detail Geten i dont quite understand.

I had blown up the station where it gives a blast of damage , my drones were in the bay during this.

Then i sent them into space again to deal with the last spawn , i started locking up some npc targets on the overview , so only few seconds i look back all my 5 drones in space are gone
. I had my drones on passive so iwas just looking if it was still saying fighting or wether i needed to activate them onto the next target.

Your log should state if they were destroyed or not.

No more than you.
“a L4 mission” is not enough.

thankyou for your replys .

Next time it happens ill check my log .

One of the times i did see them just vanish . I put them into space , 5 active drones within a blink of an eye were gone . I was looking at the dronebay for the ship, with the drones in space , then gone .

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