Drones vs Small Ships

Why are small ships so vulnerable to drones? Even the sluggish Hammerhead IIs do quite a number on them (at least when they shoot… unlike Infiltrators that often shoot continuously they usually shoot 3 times and then stop shooting to go into chase mode, then start 3 times and then go into chase mode again). Is it because they drones can lock and shoot faster than a lot of their parent ships?

Sort of yes.

But in certain ships you can kite drones but then you usually give up some other stuff if going that fast.

Rock, paper scissors.

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Light drones are great against small targets, so it’s no surprise that small ships are vulnerable to drones.

On the other hand, if the small ship is fast enough (interceptor, or overheating the MWD) they can outrun the slow drones and take very little damage from them.

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