Do Rats use MWD

I noticed that drones in “chase” mode take a lot of damage and one time I noticed one time that 3 of my light drones got wiped out by 3 HAM volleys when they tried to chase someone. I also noticed that rats accelerate and go 5 or 6 times their normal speed if you warp to something else on grid in their attempt to get close enough to shoot. So I was wondering, in their “chase” mode, is it a MWD?

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They have “orbit speed” and “max speed” in attributes. But as far I can tell it don’t increase their signature. So instead of MWD with it downsides it’s more like OP afterburner

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NPC’s do indeed use MWD’s and it does increase their signature. You’ll find many ratting guides that note this, telling you that it’s possible to one-shot frigates with your missile volley when they’re approaching you from far away when you’d normally wouldn’t be able to once their orbit is established.
This isn’t strictly tested by myself personally but I have noticed increased damage when the frigates get their sudden burst of speed.

Yes they do and it’s especially useful to 1-2 shot the sanesha frigates because their MWD’s are on. It’s usually offset by the signature and speed tank if you’re in a turreted ship.

Yay. I noticed the speed boost was consistent with a MWD, but I often got my volleys on right before the burst of speed and the next volley after they’re annoyingly close, so I usually don’t get the chance to test out my theory. Fortunately, dones do a good job when heavy weapons miss. When fighting rats I usually just choose something within 1/3 optimal range and if nothing is that close, just whatever is closest until I start oriting the thing I really wanted to take out first.

Some NPC’s have Microwarp drives. Some don’t.

I can confirm that the ones that have MWD’s will indeed use it. If their target is further than a certain distance they will burn towards it with their MWD.

I can also confirm that their MWD increases their signature radius. And it can be shut down if you use a warp scrambler on them.


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