How often do you get side affects when on drugs ? I have the 2 skills at L4.


Depends on the tier of drug you use.

High tier drugs has a higher chance of side-effects and the side-effects are stronger too.

The chance of each side effect seems to be rolled separately, so getting any side-effect happens more often than not.

For example with your level 4 neurotoxin recovery (20% less chance of side effect) and using strong boosters (40% chance per side effect for 4 effects) the chance you do not get a side-effect is

(100−40×(1−0,20))^(4) = 21%.

In other words, 79% you do get one or more side-effects.

(Based my chances on this nice eve uni wiki page:
Medical boosters - EVE University Wiki )

Usually some side-effects are less disastrous for your fit than others, which means less chance a bad side-effect roll will screw you over.

As logi pilot I usually take mindflood for the capacitor boost, simply because none of the side effects matter to me, so the chance of rolling a bad one is 0%.


There are also instances where the negative side effects of the drug does not impact you in anyway.

Take Mindflood for capacitor as an example. If you are a guardian or any logi ship, expecting to be under heavy neut pressure every extra bit helps. So taking mindflood gives you all the benefits you need for cap and all the negatives have no impact on you since you don’t use any abilities tied them.

EDIT: I just realized Gerard mentioned mindflood as well.


Don’t do drugs


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