Eve Junkies, Drugs, Don't Do it, Just Say No

It’s not worth it, you will lose all your friends, become sterile, dance like an idiot and wear ridiculous psychedelic clothes and all for a 6% bonus. Once you have tried it you will want more, it’s a vicious circle of diminishing returns and one day it will be your turn to cold turkey. Say no to drugs, I tried it a few times and got away with it, you might not be so lucky and who pays for it, you do while the fat drug dealers laugh in their sky castles. Disgusting and where does it all end ? being down and out in Jita trying to scam a few isk to buy some more. Think of your family and pets neglected and dejected while you are on cloud nine podding some innocent miner who lied about his age to get a mining licence from Code.
Only last week my guinea pig found my stash and now it is worthless because no one wants yellow snow. Just say no.
FFG smaller

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I always carry a Strong Exile and a Hardshell III with my when I roam. The boost to reps is always useful.

I think it depends how shiny you fly as to whether it is worth it. Is it worth taking 20 mil of drugs if your ship is only worth 5 mil ?

Combined it’s closer to like 60m for the two of them.
But I would say it’s always worth.

I’m not a great believer in trying to raise the other player out of the match, I prefer to just use something that works well for what it costs.

Whatever floats your goat, my dude.
If it works for you, keep it up!

Here’s to good fights for us in the future.

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Most PVP player should at least be using a cheap narcotic even just to practice using them.

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You should take a closer look at the booster market.

Skilling “Biology” is a must for PvPers. The two neurotoxin skills come right after that.

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Pilots who play to win use drugs. :slight_smile:

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There is actually a solution to all the side effects you can experience with their consumption.
First, you take the really strong drugs in some save enviroment like your hangar, if you get bad side effects you just switch your clone and do more drugs!

It’s hard to spark a blunt when covered in pod goo.

Another nerf drug dealers thread…


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