Is it worth it?

Hello. I used to fly some small ships and shoot people. It this game still worth bothering with?

I have 50 Taranis and a trillion ISK.

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You should send me the isk tho.

Hardly worth bothering to log in to hand over some money.

Pardon me, 19T.

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OP only YOU control what you play. Go log into the game and make your own judgement. Don’t let me or any other internet stranger tell you if a game is worth or not worth it.

Frankly you are too rich to be asking the opinions of us lowly internet strangers lol.

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Ideally I’d like a 10 year history of the rise or fall of solo PVP. I guess that’s a bit much to realistically ask. Hah.

weird flex…

Whoa…Lady Spank…huh…


Try it out, see what you think. Worst that can happen is you go back into limbo, eh?

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Like just how much really would you buy Aiko”s frozen corpse for? Just for argument purposes?

/the way I see it by acquiring such work of art is worth every single day in n New Eden

Sorry Spanky, but CCP turned off the PvP a few years ago.

We still have mining, though.


I am kind of needing 6600 PLEX right now, can you sent it to me?

You may start with the liberation of Kino: My Arrival at Kino

I don’t understand how anyone could have that much and ask is it worth logging in. With that much, you could create some glorious carnage and content before disappearing. It’s sort of wasted…sitting there in ISK folder doing nothing.


You could start a corporation, have a few wars, hire pvp pilots and offer hauling protection, take over a few systems, found an alliance, be a space boss, deal in illegal items… the possibilities are many but no, you’re just gonna let it all sit and rot.


Wish I had these first world problems.

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Congratulations, by logging in to take the screenshot, you’ve single-handedly altered some of the Monthy Economic Report‘s ISK related charts. This will make a lot of nullsec armchair economists update their conjectures and theories and alter their behavior.

Hate to say it, you’ve already begun playing the game.



Happy to help.

NO…Can I have your stuff?

@Zedva_Operati Ask yourself this question…

If you are planning on becoming a Criminal of New Eden by taking good hard earned miner funds out of the ESS bank then you first need to ask yourself the big question.

Is it Worth It?

Become a Miner like me and then you will be able to one day plex your accout like what you are trying to achieve.

I was a miner, it was boring, i stole from wrecks at the Amarr trade hub(i think, or a system right next to it) i made a few million isk in about 3 minutes(i was a week or two into the game so i was like “I’m rich”), i liked it, then for about 15min, the topic in rookie help was how to steal from wrecks, i will not return to mining, i will do more exciting stuff, like stealing your miner money and possibly being blown up while escaping

Edit: why don’t you try ganking a miner, instead of trying to provide more targets for the gankers? Or why not do both?

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