Worth losing at Eve?

I am currently winning at Eve, but is it worth losing again ?

Is mining still fun ?
Is WH space still full of people ?
Is solo PVP still a thing ?
FW must have been fixed by now ?
Do people still carry plexes around in regular freighters on auto-pilot?
Can you finally buy SP for real life cash ? I have a few 1000$s to spare, might as well learn how to lose Super Capitals.
Is Eve still dying?
Please tell me the game is terrible.


Never was.

No idea, nobody on dscan.

Sure, it rocks.




There is a beacon In Delve …




Yes, and if you’re willing to actually play the game and take some risks, LowSec mining is currently the most profitable mining in the game.

It’s about to get busier.

Never was.

Nope and the ~elitepvpwarriors~ drove everyone else out.

No, PLEX is perfectly safe in your “vault” now.

Only in limited quantities. You can turn RL money into SP by buying PLEX, selling the PLEX, and buying Large Skill Injectors. But there’s diminishing returns.


Always was and always will be.

Nah I don’t care for it but if it’s your thing it is still as fun as ever :laughing:

I tind it to be active enough! It’s about to get a lot crazier they just announced a huge change to industry worth reading up on.

Edit for Devblog: A significant update to Industry | EVE Online

Yes of course but you are also playing everyone else’s game too so don’t forget that when you get blobbed

Working as intended

I don’t think it is anywhere like it used to be since they introduced the PLEX vault.

Yeah through the packs on your account management screen but they are sort of a one-time-use thing. Occassionally they will refresh the straight up buy SP for money thing but they are supposed to be one time use. You can buy PLEX and then buy SP via large or small injectors from the ingame markets. We won’t talk about the illegal stuff.

This is an overrated phrase and overused.

What I love about Eve is that no other game gives me the fight shakes and the romance - the apprehension and the high from a sweet victory or the sting of a real loss. The game is hard on my free time and very demanding when we are waiting for the opportunity to present itself sometimes. It’s only terrible when you read too much about it here or on r/eve imo

Keep winning.


Try losing for a month or so and find out yourself. Its only a month.

Yeah that’s how it starts. That’s how it starts.

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Just one sniff. Just one tablet. Just one injection. Thats how everything starts.

Hope to see Varathius at rehab. AKA Crime and Punishment.

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Define winning at Eve.

No. Eve is Already dead. Ask the snake.

I can’t manage one word answers I have nothing to add to this thread.

just the one time…

RNG was having its way with me in WoW. Then it was a long patch night. Lets install eve I said.

Alpha led to one month Omega to fly ships in the hangars when I left alpha wasn’t let me fly and now…

Wow sub dropped and 6 months time this account. Another account got some omega as well.

Happier for the switch out though.

Depends, some people enjoy staring into a blank wall.
Never was.
Never will.
Go to Provi
It’s already dead.
Always was, always is.

  1. Mining is super fun , all the interaction and excitement of shooting rocks in a friendly and wholesome safe space
  2. WH space if full of hot chicks … pro tip filter hot chick on dscam
  3. Of course it is, EVE is a gentleman game , no ganks or blobs , just well educated people doing honorable pvp
  4. Yes . CCP did a great job fixing FW , the days or farming are over , very competitive empire vs empire battles and people are totally not 90% minmatar
  5. NO, who wants to see billions in plex blow up because of innocent errors ? now plex have a magic wallet that just you can touch
  6. Yes. Finally you can catch up with those bitter vets , no more being abused because they have the best ships and you don’t
  7. Its impossible to lose capital ships , they are virtually immortal
  8. No. EVE has left life support , made physiotherapy , started a keto diet , lost 80 pounds and even god a IRL GF
  9. Can’t do it. The game is awesome , best game ever , buy nawwwwww

A lot of absolutely terrible updates in the last couple years. The game has been nerfed into the ground in the name of progress.

PA CCP has bascially filled the worst of the fears of what would happen when CCP got sold to a company more concerned with the Asian market.

Check it out though. Its just my opinion, I’d enjoy reading other’s.

No, but you will if I see you flying around.

A threat made by someone with a Night Elf RP name, ok :wink:

We might look all cutesy, but we’ll bite your crunchy ears off any chance we get.

they may not know of late Tyrande got a makeover attitude wise. When last seen she was running around borghast killing anything she found along the way. HOpe to elune they don’t raid boss her…she is actually interesting these days,

You’re here, you’ve lost already… another 3 years before you can win again…