DSCAN Minimum Sight Range

The ability to set the minimal range as in, filter out anything that in less than a set range, would be great.

Clarification: Set the Min to 1 Au and Max to 12 Au; you cannot see anything that is within 1 Au or beyond 12 Au.

This would be great for fleets to filter out your fleet and also give more precise DSCAN.


Why do you need a range. Anyone who knows what they are doin will slowly shrink the Dscan to get a more exact loaction.

Having given this a moment of thought, I imagine that the best use of this would actually be to use it to filter whatever is on grid with you so that it isn’t cluttering up your dscan results. You can already filter fleetmates out of the overview and you can even control what overview settings are applied to in turn filter dscan results, but you can’t really have dscan filter things that are already on grid with you (since they are now on overview anyways, and don’t need to be on dscan).


I like this idea. Of course its just one of the many ways d-scan could and should be more functional.

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