Any way to do A Quick Count of Grid Stuff?

So you can set an overview tab to be based off standings. So for example, I can have a tab that has all the non friendlies. So I can look at it and see something like “oh… 7 Feroxes.” If there are 70, it gets hard to count. Setting D-scan to something like 50,000 km will get D-scan to only see stuff on grid and you can get a quick count there. However, this will not work with the tab overview filters. So d-scan doesn’t work with filters, and overview is hard to count when numbers get big. Any way to do a quick ship count from the overview?

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You can set Dscan to use saved overview tab presets. Lots of players will have some specifically for dscanning things.

You reduce range to only show range and copy-paste everything into


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