[Suggestion] Show number of entities displayed in each overview tab

With the new overview, we now have the ability to organize our overview tabs even better by dedicating specific tabs to certain ship types to check if those ship types are present on the grid.

My feature idea, as mentioned in the title, is to add a number to each overview tab indicating how many entities are currently displayed in each tab.

This would look similar to how any in-game chat channel has a number in brackets displaying the number of players present. The overview tab could have brackets next to its name with a number inside.

In the context of a fleet fight, this could allow fleet commanders to monitor how a battle develops, tracking changes in the numbers of certain ship types such as logistics, interdictors, battleships, cruisers, etc.

Instead of having to rely on third-party tools like dscan.info, which cannot differentiate between friend or foe but can provide information on the number and types of ships within dscan range, this new feature would provide us with real-time and more accurate information.

Keep in mind that this applies not only to PVP scenarios but also to PVE and mining activities, displaying the number of different NPCs or ore types on the grid.


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