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Could we get a column in the overview that includes the row number in the overview. It would be useful in a command to “spread points”, in that if you look at the fleet overview and you see you’re in row 44, you can switch to the enemy fleet and lock the ship in row 44. Would be useful in other circumstances (like which spod rock are you on?)


So what if I’ve got my overview sorted by distance, another fleet member has their overview sorted by name, and a third fleet member has their overview sorted by class?

What if my overview has structures on it, but the other two fleet member overviews do not?

At the end of the day, the solution you are looking for is to sort by name. Pre-determine who will do what.

If you have 5 griffins, for example, you just need to tell griffin pilot #3 (for example) that they are to target roughly 3/5ths of the way down, sorted by name.


Why you bashing the suggestion? EVE is spreadsheets in space, what’s the harm in making it look a little more like Excel, with the row numbers in the spreadsheet?

I suggest they also add A B C D E etc. column letters at the top.

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Hehe, I think of my response more as constructive criticism. I do agree it would make things easier, if it worked the way it was advertised.

Problem is, it doesn’t work the way it was advertised.

Ironically, I do sort my overview tabs by letters :smile:

… this Is just another way to turn a fleet into nothing more than the FCs f1 monkeys. well organized and coordinated fleets are already more than capable of managing this


You can already tag things with numbers and letters in the overview for your fleet.

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And how far down is 3/5th in a list of 142, exactly?

Really? There’s 400 tags?

If you can’t be bothered to tag new things as already tagged targets die, I’d suggest you hire someone to do it for you while spoon-feeding you at the same time.

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Do you want to know a funny cool fact that we got sneaked in a few years ago?

In the fleet window there is more than one tab. One of them is it the “history channel”. You can right-click entries and got crazy options like “lock target” displayed.

If you don’t like to watch the “history channel”, another cool way of getting a lock is the one line “broadcast” message below the Fleet -> Wing -> Squad window. You can - really, no joke - target lock from there.

And once you are done tagging 400 targets, you can go to bed - it’s late and- errm I mean time travel, no erm tidi and stuff.

What if I want a weapon disrupt on every man in the opposing fleet? I certainly can’t tell all 100 people in my fleet who to point, and it would be hard for #46 to figure out which one in the enemy fleet is #46. Unless there was a line number.

There are lots of applications for this.

But I’m not looking for everyone to target one person from the opposite fleet. I’m looking for everyone to target a DIFFERENT person from the opposite fleet. Care to tell me how the history window helps me?

Let’s start with there being no point in tracking disrupting logistics,missile-ships,EWAR,drone-ships, HIC’s, dictors, carriers or FAX, which cuts about half of the enemy fleet from your list.

For almost 15 years now people have managed to organise their fleets in a pretty effective manner, including spreading EWAR and points to a hostile fleet without using tags.
PVP in general is too chaotic to make it valuable up tag the whole enemy fleet as it will only add to the chances of people not doing what they are supposed to.

The only place where I’ve seen tags being used was in wormhole high-class capital escalations.

It’s up to the player to eyeball it. Realistically speaking, your goal is to spread “stuff”. With 142 hostile pilots on grid, each player has a margin 28 pilots wide to choose from. I’m pretty sure you can pick 3-4 targets from 28 and not have any duplicated targets, even if you just drag your overview down 3/5 of the way and pick 3-4 at random from there.

You know what… now that I think about it… a “row number” is silly for all the reasons mentioned.


A unique identifier, say 2 letters and 1 number long, that is generated on session generation/change, would be helpful.

There are people with utterly retarded names. An FC calling out targets by name (“ewar get jams on Jump Jump” or “everyone lock up Gate IsGreen” or “LightCynos is Primary”) whilst broadcasting dps primaries, gets a whole lot more confusing. Being able to say “ewar get jams on AZ3” would make it very easy to call targets over voice comms, without having to fumble with names.

I suck at math sometimes, but two letters and one number would allow for 671,088,640 unique numbers within a single instance. If I did the math right.

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