Directional - Scan: suggested Qol improvements

So for starters, is like to suggest a couple small improvement to the dscan and its window.

Firstly, I think it would be fairly beneficial to include a minimum results range on top of the current maximum range. For the most part it simply saves a step for trying to pinpoint any detections, but it also allows pilots to remove some of the clutter that may appear during fights, camps, or other engagements. Basically allowing you to remove things that you might already have on grid so you can seperate the current field from the rest of the system. This will also help keep the dscan window fairly clean so it doesn’t need to take up as much screen real-estate tonsort through the results.

Secondly, is like to see some of the features that many third-party tools have: summaries. Depending on your filter and setting, you could have a small area at the top with class icons (or further broken down into ship types), with counts of each along side them. No new information is given here, but it definitely gives some basic QoL to pilots who regularly use a third-party parser.