Dual fixed windows on 49" monitor

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I play on a 49" curved widescreen monitor. I have 2 brand new accounts. I’d like to play them side by side on this monitor.

It works well with 2 x 1768 x 992 windows (windowed mode)

But the fixed windowed option is so beautiful and tidy.


Both fixed windows snap to the upper left corner. Nothing I do makes the second one snap to the upper right.

If anyone has a solution to this 1st world problem I’d be very grateful.

If you’re on Linux you could use wmctrl to set the window via the window manager to a specific dimension and location or WM tiling/zone features.

If you’re on Windows you could check PowerShell to see if that’s possible there. Have you checked PowerToys?

Check FancyZones PowerToys FancyZones utility for Windows | Microsoft Docs (also looks like others want PowerShell integration with PowerToys FancyZones, which would be awesome PowerShell integration for FancyZones · Issue #6653 · microsoft/PowerToys · GitHub)

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Thanks very much!

I’m on windows and use an autohotkey script found here.

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FancyZones powertoy from Microsoft with a key shortcut should solve placement.

Powertoys and sysinternals and the like are what made Windows usable.

If you want tiling on Windows you use FanzyZones, having bindings for Powershell is just the cherry on top to allow automated placement depending upon use case.

Microsoft has basically copied open source window managers, just like CCP copies third party tools.

No source for the app?

In an age where political hijacking of code is out there, I wouldn’t trust it. I am seeing an uptick in open source commits featuring political changes to code with no functionality changed other than to display political banners (a big problem in a neutral environment).

I have had to blacklist opensource repositories and code authors due to such political commits. Scan github for political commits to repositories, it basically puts a dent into “trust us, we’re opensource” claim. Oh it’s just a flag, no, it’s a political hijack of our machines and in more worse cases, zombifying machines or data exfiltration/extortion attempts.

Game mods are also ripe for hijacking as a malware vector as nobody checks what they install, they just want to win.

Is FanzyZones open, yes, here GitHub - microsoft/PowerToys: Windows system utilities to maximize productivity and PowerToys/src/modules/fancyzones at main · microsoft/PowerToys · GitHub

Autohotkey is open source, so you should be able to find the source code somewhere. Kuroro Lucifer also provided an ahk file that you can open, edit, and compile yourself. In fact, I’ve personally edited mine for different layouts and to use different hotkeys. I found it easy customize, easy to use, and lightweight (task manager reports that it uses 2mb of ram, and 0% CPU utilization). Haven’t used fancyzones, so can’t say how it compares. But, I still wanted to mention it as an option.

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AHK source here, GitHub - Lexikos/AutoHotkey_L: AutoHotkey - macro-creation and automation-oriented scripting utility for Windows.

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I recommend you try this one :

Moving Fixed Windows - Free Easy Way

AutoHotkey Script - EVE-Client Fixed Window Repositioning (EVE Online)

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