Overlapping Windows

Hello there fellow Forum members!

I really Like, that the User-Interface is more or less completely customizeable. However, I came across a Problem, which I Hope you can Help me to solve easily.

I have arranged my UI in a way, that there are several Windows Always at the edges while the other Not Always important ones are popping Up in the middle. They are arranged in a way, that all of the ones in the middle are exact on top of each other, so that If I Open e.g. the Market, and have at the Same time the industry Open, then the Market will be on top of the industry Screen with 100% congruency. I also have locked each and everyone of the Windows after arranging them.

The Problem is, they still move. If one of the middle Windows is Open, and I Open another one in the middle, then the new one will Open Just slightly down and to the right. I guess that is to make you able to still click on the one below. The Problem is, that even after closing all Windows, the new Position is saved, so when opening again, the Screen has shifted a few cm to the left and to the bottom.

What is the Sense in being able to Lock the Interface, when it still rearranges itself idependently and without being asked to do so?

I Hope I Just havent found the correct Option to enable\disable

Thanks in advance,

Why not tab them together?

I dont understand. Maybe that is a good solution, I Just dont know what you are talking about :rofl:
I would be glad If you could Go a little more into Detail.

I Found Out what you meant, yet its Strange, that the industry Tab cant be tagged. But Well, it certainly solved the issue to a degree, thank you!

Sorry i was busy when i saw you reply. Yea i was meaning tab them together like windows internet tabs. hope it worked for you.

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