Buggy Window Focus

Hey guys,

Ever since a few patches ago the refocusing of windows - ie which window is above another, has been a bit buggy. For instance a vertical fit list window will pop under already visible windows, and clicking on it anywhere except the very top or bottom will not shift focus to that window. Also, it appears that clicking on it on the neocom window icon to try and bring it to view does not shift it above other windows.

I’ve tried this on both my home PCs so I assume it’s either my account or particular OS setup, or a game issue itself. Is anyone else having similar trouble? It’s a small problem but it happens enough to be a headache.


I have a similar issue that is most notably when I multibuy/sell something. The multibuy/sell window sometimes falls under the Market window and then it is impossible for me to get it back in front of the market window by clicking anywhere in the Multibuy/sell window. I have to click into empty space or the market window and then on the Multibuy/sell to make it come to the top again. No window has Stay On Top or Pin active. This behavior only happens since the new windows features were introduced. Before that patch, I would simply click on the Multibuy/sell window and it would come back on top if it dropped under the Market window for some reason.

I have noticed the same.

Not sure how and when it happens, but it’s annoying.

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