Dummy Drones/Aggressor Drones

A hologram projector drones of various sizes usable and buyable by corporations for combat training and battle-formation testing.
Alternatively it can be of VR space to test battle formations fleet-wise with various opponents.

Why not just use real drones and stop at hull, unless your talking about ships instead of drones which is quite different.

I just wondered is there is a way to combat-train corp tactical doctrines without involving actual combat.

You could use the table top version of eve.
Or try sisi, the test server.

Shooting eachother on sisi.

Or mission rats would be an equivalent to a test dummy.

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Saw an area server as well have not tested it yet thou.

Basic t1 drones are too expensive to use for training?

I don’t think so.

Good point.
I was thinking of a way to have such simulation/drones emulate fleets composed of frigate->cruiser->battleship->capital sized varieties.
Of course it is going to be more of a hologram simulator than actual drones to avoid actually taking space in game, think Virtual reality.

Have you considered what happens when people use them as actual decoys in an actual combat situation?

That is the reason why it is going to be a VR simulator.
It is going to be like… a mini wormhole accessible in station, a space with grids.
Good point.

Like a seperate instance?

Yes, more like a fitting screen than a deadspace.

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