Smartbombing Drones (drones that carry smartbombs)

Hello everyone,

just thought id post something about a idea i had earlier today, what would you guys think of smartbombing drones? as in drones that carry smartbombs.

This could be used both offencivly and defencivly.

Offence would include all ships takeing damage not just the one as it is now.

Defence would be if your primaried by a fleet and they put drones on you you set your drones to orbit you and you get a defence against the drone swarm or if theres missiles incomming you could destroy a few missiles.

Stats wise (and i dont know how this would work) id say maybe make the smartbombs like 1000m or 1500m range and speed maybe 2500mps, they would need a bit of tank or maybe a 95% resistance to thier smartbomb type (so thier weak to 3 types of damage).

But yea its a idea we had in teamspeak earlier today and i thought id post something to see what other people thought of this idea, please let me know what you think guys because i think with a bit of input these types of drones would be awsome to use.

Will the drone blow up with the bomb it is carrying? Rather than having a drone type that does area effect damage constantly it might be an idea to make the drone expendable, i.e. one shot only and then it dies. The size of the drone can be made smaller, say 1m3, and only fit in certain ships drone bomb bay. Just ideas…

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I can see a number of potential drawbacks from this, mainly due to the amount of friendly fire they would cause. Firstly, these things would be guaranteed to drop your sec status to -10 in 10 seconds flat if ever used in a highsec or lowsec fleet environment. In FW, they would pretty much guarantee anyone using them would be kicked due to standing loss after the next downtime. Also, I very much doubt your allies would appreciate these things constantly fraticiding their own drones. And expect a lot of grief the first time you accidentally pod your CEO’s HG Slave clone.

Nice idea, but probably way too many obstacles to implementing it in a meaningful manner, and I think the server load of a bunch of these things setting off smartbombs at once would be horrific.

i agree there are alot of draw backs but they would be situation specific, if used right they could be pretty tactical, i wouldent use a smartbomb on my ship if someone was sitting next to me in a pod and maybe make a option or a button to turn them on or off then that would give more control over them.


One of the problems with this idea is that it increases the already heavy strain on the servers by adding AoE damage from small, fast moving targets. As a result, these drones require an insane amount of calculations to work. Additionally, I do not believe that they add anything to the game in forms of gameplay.

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SUICIDE DRONES! The light show would be amazing!

I love this idea. But the drones and player using them shouldn’t be immune to the effects of one anothers’ smartbombs.

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Suicide drones are generally called missiles.

and smartbombing drones are usually just called bombs.


Five drones enter, one drone leaves!

Not really a viable option with today´s mechanics.

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and reminds me of nightdawn triology.

how about attacher drones that attach to a hull and then release damaging energy one time?

I think that’s a lot to ask for*, but the idea is neat nonetheless. :slight_smile:

*these drones would need a proper attachement animation next to the code accompanying it.

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