Hi there fellow pilot of New Eden!

First things first; the most important thing to DUNDERZUBBIS is your wellbeing, a happy pilot is a good pilot! We will always promote RL first attitude, and there is never fleets by force.

So, what does DUNDERZUBBIS bring to the table?

  • Good living in Catch
  • Daily PvP fleets (small/mid gang, strat ops and more!)
  • SRP, JF, buy-back services
  • Starter package with doctrine ships on arrival
  • ISK making by ratting/mining/exploration
  • Proud members of Escape Velocity. alliance

What do you bring to the table?

  • Active
  • Ready to learn
  • Willing to PvP
  • Voice communication in discord

DUNDERZUBBIS aims to be your home in the cold space. A place where no question is too dumb and where you can grow as an Eve pilot.

If this sounds interesting

  • Join our discord and contact Ha Xie or Desuburedo
  • Send an Eve mail to Ha Xie or Desuburedo in game

Hope to see you in space!

/Ha Xie - CEO

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Bump for a great corp!


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