ZUBB GROUP is two flourishing corporations in New Eden.
The group is built from two corporations, run by the same management, but with different agendas.

So, what does DUNDERZUBBIS bring to the table?

And now, what does ZUBBKULTUR bring to the table?

  • Newbro training specialization
  • Highsec located HQ
  • PvP training fleets in low/nullsec space
  • Mining fleet ops
  • Preparing new players for nullsec life

ZUBB GROUP aims to be your home in the cold space. A place where no question is too dumb and where you can grow as an Eve pilot.

If anything of this sounds interesting

  • Join our discord and contact CEO or any officer
  • Send an Eve mail to Ha Xie in game

Hope to see you in space!


Still looking for new members!

Very active corporation with very chill people

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