[DW] TRAMPS - Null Sec PvP/Indy

Hello Capuleers

Time Resolves All Modern Problems is a loyal partner of Drone Walkers. Located in Impass, we pride ourselves on being the top industrial corp in the alliance. Our members are sarcastic and easy going, so we welcome anyone who likes a good laugh. There’s plenty of room for growth and mobility within both our corp and alliance.

If you are willing to help out with a few mining ops or are hungry for some PvP. Check us out, or at least chat us up!

Recruitment Status – Open

What we look for :

  • 10+ mil SP
  • Willing to use Teamspeak/Mumble
  • Willing to go on corp mining ops
  • Some PvP experience (not required)

What you can expect :

  • Strong US time zone presence
  • Active members with experience and willing to assist
  • Multiple PvP fleets a week
  • Free to mine moons
  • Corporate mineral buy back program
  • Large selection of ratting locations

Recruitment Channel

  • TRAMPS Recruitment

Tramps Recruiters

  • Keith Boirelle (CEO)
  • Askulf Ituin (Head of Recruitment)
  • ripper1 Tivianne
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Still looking for pilots!

Interested in some high end, nullsec industry? Chat me up or head to our recruitment channel “TRAMPS Recruitment”.

Still looking for able bodied pilots!

Still looking for able bodied pilots!

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