Null EU / US industry and PvP recruiting spinners ;)

Find a new home with us in Impass as part of Legacy Coalition and make your own light with explosions of ships and pods and rocks oh my! Or just station spin if that’s your thing :wink:

The short:

We need people that we connect with. We’re a small band of pilots that even as people take breaks from EVE we still try to keep up over Discord. We’ve explored Lowsec, W-Space, Null and HS incursions. Curently we’re still with the excitement and content of sov null in Legacy coalition now in Impass.

You want content?

  • Fun pvp roams - don’t worry you’ll get blown up some too :wink:
  • Ratting availability - need some iskies shoot some rats with friends
  • Mining / industry - help us keep supplies in stock and hulls rolling off the line for ship replacements and more
  • CTAs

We’ve long been an industrial corp with a focus toward PvP. In part what this means is that our industry shifts with the demands of our alliance’s pvp.

Discord recruitement:
If no one home, just gvie a shout in the #welcome channel
US / EUTZ welcome

New faces and new corp programs coming to members. It’s an exciting time for us as we all get settled in together :grinning:

Still recruiting members for a variety of roles as we put together programs and look ahead to the new moon mining changes! Both the corp and the alliance are growing in numbers to achieve more ambitious goals!

Corp cap production has begun with T2 production resuming in the near future. We’re looking for more miners to help out with the incoming moon mining!

The moon changes are here with excitement and uncertainty all around! Come join us as we dive into this new adventure.

We’re still here and actively recruiting while lending a helping hand to neighbors

Happy Halloween weekend! :jack_o_lantern:

Ok we slacked off on recruitment efforts, but we’re baaack! :sparkler:

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