[DYSP] is now Recruiting New and Old Indy Pilots

Greeting fellow capsuleers:

Dyson Sphere Productions is recruiting new and old pilots of any skill level. We are a growing corp based in Amarr Space with a focus on PvE and Indy for now, although we welcome anyone who wants to join in on casual fun with a growing infrastructure. We are looking for budding miners, PvE mission runners, anomaly hunters, and Productionist. An Eve-HR account will be required for application approval. (Eve-HR)

DYSP offers:

✪ Weekly Moon & Ice mining Ops.

✪ PvE content provided by Corp Officers in all aspects of PvE gameplay (IE. Exploration- Missions Ops)

✪ Not War Eligible

✪ Discord for comms.

✪ Established home in High Sec. Access to Upwell Structures.

✪ Friendly pilots who are eager to help train.

✪ US Pilots

✪ Newbro & Alpha Friendly!

Recruiters: Akako Starwind and Delvanis Dresden

Want to chat? Drop by our Discord Channel(Link Below) or Send one of our recruiters an Eve-mail:
Dyson Sphere Recruitment

Ready to apply? Follow this link: Dyson Sphere Productions

We’ve got our discord set up. :grin:

Discord link has been posted.

We are up to 12 members now!!! Yay

are applications from UK timezone pilots welcome?

We do welcome UK Timezone as well, but be aware that most of our players are on US time. Its easier to set up Ops and such.


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