Easier access to escalations and expeditions

Have you always got annoyed when you wanted to run an escalation you got from an unrated site or anomaly? me yes.

The only way to get to escalations is the expedition tab in the journal. When the popup appears, you have to open the journal the first time to see, where the escalation is and when you are in system, then you need to open the journal again to warp to the site. This is quiet annoying and I’m sure it has been proposed many times. CCP made access to mission easier in the past, the same for scanned results(the arrow in the probe window).

Why not do something similar for expeditions?

Just two not so big things:

  1. Add the location of the escalation into the popup with the possibility to set destination(Agent mission dialogs have that already).
  2. Add a new tab in the right click tab in space for expeditions, where you can warp directly to your sites. Plus add an icon to appear on the solar system radar(maybe the same for missions, just a different colour). And also add a new tab under the solar system tab for escalations(just like we have one for missions).

With these changes, the way you can get to escalations becomes identical to missions.
Let me know what you think


Fully supported.

Maybe keeping finished escalations/expeditions in the Journal? You know, statistical reasons?

finished sites used to remain in the journal until odyssey I think, but nice to have that back again