ECM idea - distrubuted probabilty

no they are not, not at all… sig res comes into play in fall off and when your tracking is too low. within tracking and optimal sig res is irrelevant thats why a dread using capital guns can hit a drone holding still.

Everything that relies on the tracking formula can’t discount sig radius as irrelevant. Tracking a target or not is a function of the target’s size, relative movement and gun tracking value.

Your specific case of a dread shooting a non moving drone only mean both tracking and sig become irrelevant when there is no movement at all.

so long as the tracking speed is higher than relative movement you will hit. this means (should it be possible in this hypothetical) if you ballooned a guns sig res but did not touch its tracking you would see no real effect so long as its target was still moving slowly. but if you lower the tracking speed w/o touching scan res you will start to see misses.

so as far as the math is concerned they most certainly do not have identical effects.

Your are basing your “no effect” of the sig on a modification that make it easier to track by making ti larger. If you have a target you can track but just enough and there was away to reduce the sig on it it would have the exact same effect as reducing your tracking value.

this is the point i’m trying to make.

sig res and tracking speed are not identical in the tracking formula

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