Eden Trades Halloween Treats 87.7 BILLION treats and PVP brawl (17:00 start time)

What it is


It’s that time of year again. Halloween! Its time for Eden Trades Halloween treats. Over 45 Billion ISK in treats so far! PLEX, SKINS, SHIPS, and MORE! Everything handed out will be randomized.

PVP Fight afterwards and join in on the Obelisk (pumpkin) kill! The Obelisk will be jumped into low sec so shoot it quick to get on the kill mail. It will be repped for a while to make sure it does not insta pop.

Over 300 people showed up last year.

tldr: its Halloween in EVE

Donate to help make it bigger! Need help!

This year there will be over 45 billion ISK worth of treats! I am wanting to do 100 billion! This is where I need some help! I have raised 45 billion so far, 1500 plex, and some ship skins. I will be adding an additional 1500 plex on top of the previous donation for 3,000 plex! That is six 30 days subs! If you would like to help to make this event huge donate items or ISK to Eden Trade (CEO of New Eden Trade and Market corporation).

  • Donate ISK (will be used to buy ships)

  • Ships

  • Plex (1,500 plex donated by IChooseYou)

  • All donations for the event get 100% handed out to the the players in EVE!

  • You a good streamer and have flair? Get with me to help me stream it while I hand out the treats!

How to Join in

For those that want the treats just show up on Halloween to the Stacmon system and dock in the Stacmon - IChooseYou Secondary Market citadel. Treats will then be handed out at start of the event. Also spam local with trick or treat like last time.

Time – Halloween October 31st. 17:00 EVE TIME October 31st. Halloween day! PVP Brawl after all treats are handed out so 1-2 hours afterwards.

After all treats are done then PVP fight will go down in Ostingele. Don’t bring anything overpowered and make it lame or kiting ships bring brawl fit please.

There are a few fleets/groups showing up that have confirmed. Fighting SHOULD START WHEN the Obelisk jumps into the low sec gate if you can all hold your horses till then lol.

Brining a PVP Fleet for the brawl?

  • Message me about it so it can be coordinated better!

Some of the treats so far:

  • 3,000 Plex (500 each) (1,500 Plex donated by IChooseYou)
  • Abaddon Scope Syndication YC122
  • Astero Scope Syndication YC122
  • Caracal Scope Syndication YC122
  • Maller Scope Syndication YC122
  • Megathron Scope Syndication YC122
  • Procurer Scope Syndication YC122
  • Raven Scope Syndication YC122
  • Rupture Scope Syndication YC122
  • Tempest Scope Syndication YC122
  • Vedmak Scope Syndication YC122
  • Vexor Scope Syndication YC122
  • 45 Billion in ships to buy (random but will be over 50mil per ship so upwards to several hundred ships)
  • 8 Bustards
  • 6 Tengu
  • 8 Viator
  • 4 Crane

45 Bil isk being spent on the below (not including the above ones)

Total Treats 449
Treats Over 100mil 170
Treats betwee 50-100mil 276
Treats Below 50mil 45

All Treats moved to Stacmon using PUSHX https://www.pushx.net/
They have a spooky Halloween Discount going on till NOV 1st! Check it !
The best service in EVE!

List of Treats (Implants you get a whole set of all of 5 together)

Treats Price Amount
Ocular Filter - Standard $21,000,000.00 20
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Standard $21,000,000.00 20
Memory Augmentation - Standard $21,000,000.00 20
Neural Boost - Standard $21,000,000.00 20
Social Adaptation Chip - Standard $21,000,000.00 20
Jackdaw $45,000,000.00 15
Svipul $45,000,000.00 15
Kikimora $45,000,000.00 15
Drake $50,000,000.00 15
Brutix $50,000,000.00 15
Harbinger $52,000,000.00 15
Hurricane $55,000,000.00 15
Confessor $55,000,000.00 15
Hecate $55,000,000.00 15
Talos $65,000,000.00 12
Tornado $65,000,000.00 12
Cruor $65,000,000.00 12
Omen Navy Issue $65,700,000.00 12
Naga $66,000,000.00 12
Oracle $66,000,000.00 12
Augoror Navy Issue $68,000,000.00 12
Caracal Navy Issue $71,260,000.00 12
Worm $89,000,000.00 12
Stabber Fleet Issue $90,000,000.00 12
Dramiel $90,000,000.00 12
Vexor Navy Issue $95,000,000.00 12
Daredevil $99,000,000.00 12
Garmur $99,000,000.00 12
Succubus $99,000,000.00 12
Astero $100,000,000.00 6
Master-at-Arms Cerebral Accelerator $110,000,000.00 6
Victorieux Luxury Yacht $160,000,000.00 6
Cynabal $170,000,000.00 6
Harbinger Navy Issue $175,000,000.00 6
Ashimmu $180,000,000.00 6
Lachesis $181,000,000.00 6
Eagle $190,000,000.00 6
Drake Navy Issue $194,000,000.00 6
Curse $209,000,000.00 6
Hurricane Fleet Issue $210,000,000.00 6
Ishtar $210,000,000.00 6
Deimos $210,000,000.00 6
Huginn $215,000,000.00 6
Brutix Navy Issue $216,000,000.00 6
Zealot $220,000,000.00 6
Rook $225,000,000.00 6
Muninn $230,000,000.00 6
Cynabal $280,000,000.00 6


HANGER FALL CLEANING BLOW OUT!!! I have a hanger with up to 6 billion random junk mods that have been sitting! I will sort through this and dump it all to someone! Will be keeping some items rest will go as a top prize!

Other Treat Pictures (haven’t spent the 45billion yet)


More Skins added!!

My discord for questions and updates: New Eden Trade and Market


Woot Woot! Super excited to see this event again. Also, that paint job on your poster really needs to become a real thing.

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can’t w8 to join in :smiley:

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In most games this info would be in the game client calendar pls ccp get with the program…

Will be buying up all the treats by end of week and shipping them down. Please help out if you can!

Same name in-game to contact about fleet details, yeah?

Yes it is

Donate if you can help me make it larger!!! 4bil more added to the event from donation! or show up and collect some of those nice treeeeats!

Fit Vedmak Added!

New players allowed to come as well, right?) Where can i find some cheap fit to participate in brawl as well?

Of course!!! Come down get a treat and then come for the pvp afterwards. Shoot the obelisk quick so u can at least get on that killmail before u die if ur solo haha. Or see if u can get in with a fleet check out spectre fleet or one of those public fleets!

K, thanks -)

First half of the treats have arrived in stacmon!


oh jeez, I will be away! Tricked myself out of treats :sadparrot:

457 Items delivered to hand out! over 52.775 Billion ISK!

1500 more plex coming for total 3k plex!
3 skill injectors
2 more praxis
1 vedmak (fit)
A dozen or so skins in Jita (total value of all 12 is around 7bil so divided that by 12 or something)

Some items are in jita area will be contracted instead of moving them

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10 - 100mil ISK treats (100mil isk per person cold hard cash)

Some really amazing work @Eden_Trade :+1: :facepunch: :raised_hands: :clap:

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can’t wait to join

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Donation sent, see you guys there :smiley:

Amazing event, thanks for the free stuff!