Eden Trades Halloween Trick or Treat 20bil treats and PVP brawl [carrier, freighter, injectors, plex, ships!]

Eden Trades Halloween Trick or Treat! This Halloween I will be handing out treats in Stacmon.

I will be buying 15 Billion worth of treats! (My person profits isk used not investment isk)

The details:

November 1st come down to Stacmon 0:01 eve time. Dock up in the ichooseyou fortizar market hub. Say trick or treat in local. Get a treat! This is halloween night for the USTZ.

Stacmon is a high sec system!

Event will start November 1st 0:01 eve time however this is October 31st ustz night as to be on Halloween night!

Afterwards there will be a lowsec brawl next door to stacmon in Ostingele. I will be using my fleet of structure tanked gallente ships with fax and carrier support.

Some noice killmails to be had if you can bring enough to kill them. Should be able to muster up 40+ people in the low sec pvp alliance I am in for this. So come and brawl us!

If your coming with a pvp fleet being close mid range so everyone can fight within a range of each other.

PVP will commence upon Eden Trade entering low see sec local from stacmon in his freighter. Pen is out will cyno/bridge fleet in and wait for the fights.

Brawl will happen around 200 eve time or when im out of treats.
Specter fleet should be joining in.

Tell all ur friends and help me out making some Halloween fun!

Eden trade will be attending the pvp brawl in his flagship Obelisk freighter! Come get on the killmail at least!

200 Ships to give out. Will be picking up 1500 plex (500 each to hand out 3x) and 3 skill injectors and 1 Multi Training Cert. + 1 Charon Freighter

Some of the treats

The Pumpkin is on the way to Placid (you get to kill this)

PVP Fleet is coming together. 10 More Brutix , 5 more Megas, Vindicator, and 3 more carriers will be in the fleet no pictured here yet (currently in transport)


Sounds cool.

Should be having specter fleet show up! They said they would be down for brining a brawling fleet!

Pen is out will be there as well

Another big treat to give away added to the hanger

Thanatos added to the give away! 1500 plex! 500 plex per treat so 3 chances to win!

Can you tell when does the brawl start ?

200 eve time

thanks will try and join!


Will the system of the trick-or-treating be in low-sec or is that just where the brawl is going to be?

Sounds great. I’ll be there

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Brawl will be low sec items are in high sec

look at that fancy hangar bay

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All treats for you all!

One last question, what do you mean by “4 treats”? Does that mean I get 4 ships and (if won) a special prize? Or does that mean 3 ships and (if won) prize?

Looks cool! I’ll see if I can come along. :slight_smile:


no thanks


4 = for but I have updated it now sir

If your all by your self you can join the Pen is out fleet with me XD

4ish days away!