EDENCOM Bravo-203 [B203] looking for new members

Hello all.

I started this corp near the beginning of the Triglavian invasions as a simple one man corp. As time went on I opened it up to more people with the intention of being an EDENCOM focused corp, counterpart to some of the Triglavian corps. It didn’t quite work out that way, but I always adapt.

With the winding down of the Invasions, I’m now recruiting more widely, looking for players from all skill levels and empires. I intend to support all playstyles as well, with regular mining fleets, Sisters of Eve level 4 security missions, and an occasional expedition into more dangerous territory, depending on interest. I personally don’t have a set base, but we do have corp hangars here and there, and I pilot an Orca for its versatile features. It’s quite likely we’ll be continuing this nomadic playstyle, but you’re free to set roots down if you please. However, we will not be setting up any structures, specifically to avoid wardecs.

Full disclosure, I’ve only been playing Eve since March, so I’m not super knowledgeable about many aspects of the game. The upside to this is a very relaxed atmosphere, no authoritarianism, and even a chance for more experienced players to pass on your wisdom!

If this sounds like a good corp for you, send me a message in-game and I’ll send you an invite!

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