Edencom Ships doing Missions

Can you do Lvl 3s and 4s with Edencom Ships? Or are they stuck doing anomalies and abyss?

You can, just be careful if someone warps in on you. Make sure you have your safety set to safe so it wont bounce on a player in high sec.

Frigs/dessies/cruisers L2. Cruisers/battlecruisers L3. Battlecruisers/battleships L4.

All depends on skills, you have for each ship plus focus of ship. Some ships do better for blitzing than others. T3Cs fit in for L3/L4 as well.

can you? yes, it is very possible.

Stormbringer for lv 3, and over-priced child for most Lv 4’s.

They work best on some of the larger-waved missions like The Blockade or Cargo Delivery, though the value-case isn’t quite there as you are usually better off blitzing missions in a cheaper T2 fit marauderfor better isk/standing gain per hour, and the edencom ammo is some of the most expensive you will find (largely due to manufacturing material needs) even after you factor in other ships with 8 guns firing at a faster rate than you with your one gun.

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Not how it works unless they have suspect status and nothing will save you if they do it right

Safety to green will not help you. If they are suspect and you hit them or a drone of them a limited engagement will start. https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us/articles/203268611-Duels-Limited-Engagements

I know how it works… i see someone flying a eddncom ship… imma exploiting that agro…