EDENCOM / Triglavian ESS

After reading a recent article regarding a rogue group named Troika Three Six attacking and destroying High Sec EDENCOM facilities, I have a new suggestion.

Establish EDENCOM and Triglavian ESS systems in Minor’s controlled by either side. After a few stations or facilities have been destroyed, an ESS system would appear in the same system. The ESS is approached and a link made to the Main Bank. The main bank takes 6 minutes to raid and will yield 100,000,000 ISK in EDENCOM Bits or Triglavian Kitezhika ‘Coin that shelters the World Ark in it’s facets’.

Once the Main Bank has been accessed, a day timer that starts. Once the one day timer expires, the main bank cannot accessed again for three days.

The Reserve Bank can only be accessed from Low Sec sites that are guarded by random pirates. Once the key has been taken from the pirate loot, the owner can then use the key on the appropriately numbered ESS to access the Reserve Bank.

When the ESS system is accessed by the enemy, Triglavian’s accessing an EDENCOM ESS for example, a small fleet of EDENCOM ships, five frigates, three destroyers, three cruisers and three BS/BC will warp in randomly to attack the aggressor. This fleet will remain for five minutes before warping out if, not destroyed. When the Reserve Bank is accessed, three fleets will randomly warp in to the site and remain for five minutes before warping out or being destroyed.

The way each ESS makes ISK and Kitezhika is by tapping into the residual amounts of the Flow in a system. When converted at a CONCORD station into ISK, the Flow that is obtained by CONCORD goes into a new project.

Another idea for the ESS system, as a whole, is to add an NPC defense fleet. Once the Reserve Bank has been accessed a local NPC pirate fleet would warp in and try to destroy the player. While doing so, the NPC pirate fleet would also be hacking into the ESS to steal some of the ISK, no more than 350 million ISK.
Once the pirate ship had SCC bonds in it’s hold, the ship would warp off to a gate, planet or belt. The player would then be able to track down the ESS pirate and attempt to retrieve the SCC bonds by destroying the pirate ship.

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