The Grand Heist - In Testing

Greetings, Pilots,

We have released information about the upcoming The Grand Heist update that will introduce the keys necessary to access the riches accumulated in the ESS Reserve Banks! The changes are available for testing on the Singularity Test Server right now, so go and check them out for yourself and make sure to let us know what you think about it in this thread after.


sigh… the day of reckoning - 40% of my hard earned isk up for grabs to any bandit in low sec - bye bye isk


I do hope this isn’t the blog @CCP_Swift suggested would be coming “soon”. We need a Scarcity update.


Is the payout limited to 25M / minute, divided amongst however many capsuleers are in the ESS at a time?

Can you activate more than one reserve bank key at the same time?

@CCP_Dopamine, can you confirm the anomalies are actually live on sisi? Our team has covered a good portion of lowsec and have found no anom.

so keys can only be obtained in lowsec… another stupid decision…


Hi @CCP_Dopamine,

Trying to test these new features out on Sisi! The blog doesnt make it quite clear (unless I’m blind) either what the keys are named (are these seeded on the sisi market?) or the anomolies in lowsec.

Can you clarify with what Sisi has been updated with (or if the update is even live currently), I’m currently trawling through lowsec looking for these anomolies and cant find them. Are they meant to be signatures?


Keys are named ESS-NE-15 Reserve Security Key, ESS-NE-5 Reserve Security Key, ESS-NW-15 Reserve Security, etc but theyre not listed on the market and dont appear to be searchable or linkable. No idea if this is intended, sounds like they may not have pushed all changes to the test server yet.

allow normal ships and prop mods or ESS will continue to be a massive waste of time

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Can someone look at sisi login through steam? It has been impossible for several weeks now

The anomalies themselves are not live on Singularity. We are adding some ESS Reserve Bank keys into the redeem queue, so you should see them upon login to the test server.

Reduce AB bonus why are AB SPEED TANKS still alowed to basiscli run away while anything else had to fight?

reduce ab max speed

Or give us 400% web range or something.

ESS security seems pretty lax if they never update keys (passwords) and let capsuleers stockpile them and sell them openly on the market.

It’s probably better that there isn’t a key expiration system initially, however I do wonder how beneficial key expiration would be to the long term health of this system.


Any estimate on when they might be? It would be a shame that we would not be able to test it and it goes live with major issues.

@CCP_Dopamine When can we expect the anomalies to drop on the test server?

From history, likely never. Because it would allow people to prepare.


Is the peak payout readout on the HUD supposed to reflect the split per player? or the total?

Additionally, is it scaled to the bank total?

Also additionally, why would anyone ever spend 15 minutes in one of these sites for a 15 mil reward?

The payout should be vastly greater than 15 million ISK.

It isn’t

So some feedback regarding the keys & payout.

The way you activate the keys is great, I like it, all the visual and UI elements look pretty good. However it would be nice if it was easier to tell from the first glance which regions you could use it in without having to compare descriptions.

The payout, a total of 13.8 million isk if I’m correct with my maths after using both the 5 & 15 minute timer variants, is way way to low to be worth doing this. Being scrammed in a large bubble with a ping sent to every player in the region means the reward needs to be off the charts given the level of risk. I don’t have a reccomendation on a specific amount, but to me 20x higher would be around the area I would want for this level of risk.

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