Edit: buying toon by Wednesday from Harrigan

Buying character from Harrigan Raen by Wednesday.

Targon Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

Male, good single name.
2003 Xmas Eve Birthday.
62.6M Sp (4.1M unallocated).
Comes with a full set of +5 implants, there are some JCs
Remaps: 1 Bonus, Yearly comes up in like 3 months. Currently mapped Mem/Int
I honestly have to go through his skins to see if any are of value.

Very interested in Targon!

What would a buyout for him look like?

I am going to wait until Wednesday of next week I think and see what all comes through, if that’s okay with you? If not and it needs to be moved faster let me know and maybe we can come up with something.

Ballpark, upper 60s lower 70s
And I’m in no rush to sell, so take your time.

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Official offer of 75B if you can hold it until no later than Wednesday (I am putting the isk together but will 100% have it by Wednesday)

Deal, I will give you until Wednesday evening EST TZ.

Let me know when ready, I will have him drop corp and create a sales thread, etc

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