EDLF is looking for people who like to "Do Thier Own Thing" Industry,PVP,PVE,Mining

Are you a new player or a more experenced player who wants to share thier knowledge? Do you enjoy having a choice between PVP / PVE / INDUSTRY / and MINING? Do you like your privacy? Do you like to be treated as an EQUAL MEMBER? Do you want to have fun while doing it? Then EDLF is the CORP for you! JOIN Channel “ARACHNODANCER” to speak with a Representative !

I like that your Corp ad is to tell members to join but do your own thing and not be a Corp.

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we still do things like a corp but its all a choice not a rule or obligation. If you wish to join us in our mining ops that we have or if you want to do something else and need peeps to help you with your own project then just ask and see who wants to join you. Plus you have as much say as the rest of us in what’s a better direction for the corp.

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