Eire Engineers [NC] [EIREE] are Recruiting

Eire Engineers are a friendly and relaxed PvP/PvE/Industrial corporation looking to expand our ranks.

Real life always comes first. We will do what we can to support you and help you get what you’re looking for out of EVE. All we require is you have a positive attitude, assist fellow corp members when possible, and help move the corp towards its goals.We are recruiting for both EU and US time zones, however we are primarily an EU time zone corp looking to expand our US time zone base.

We enjoy good access to most of what EVE has to offer through our Alliance and welcome those that want to create content.

What we offer:
★ Real life come first
★ Daily null-sec PvP opportunities
★ Null-sec Mining ops with boosts
★ PvE / Pochven ops
★ Manufacturing & Research
★ Corporation buyback program
★ Active Discord channel
★ 100+ members
★ EU/US Time zones

What expect:
★ Ability to fly main line doctrines (or Logi lvl 5)
★ Dread and cap alts a bonus
★ Auth on ALL your accounts
★ Working mic essential, ability to be on comms when required
★ 18years old +
★ Active zKillboard +500kills ( taken on a case by case basis)

The Process
★ Fill out our initial application → Eire Engineers App
★ Auth all your accounts on our services.
★ One of our recruiters will revert to you for a voice interview once initial security check are completed
★ This process will take 2 - 7 days so be patient
★ Join our discord Eire Engineers
★ Feel free to contact one of our recruiters. Master Nuggie (EU) Joe Buch (US), Paco Telameti (US), Ravandel Daron (EU), Avinadav (US)

Hop onto our discord and have a chat. Or join our in-game public channel “Eire Pub” if you’re interested.


Recruitment is on-going

Good times to be had. Join today!

Recruitment is still open. Join our in-game channel “Eire Pub” and come say hi.

Interested in joining? Come chat with us in our discord or our in-game channel.

Recruitment is still open. Stop by and say hi.

Looking for pilots. Join today!


Recruitment doors are still open.

Still recruiting. Come fly with us!

Happy Friday! Pop into our public channel and say hi.

Still looking for like-minded pilots to join our ranks.

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