Eire Engineers - We are looking for relaxed mature players to join our ranks

Eire Engineers is a friendly and relaxed Industrial/PvP/PvE corporation operating in high-sec & low-sec. We have no skill point requirement, no mandatory ops, and most importantly we understand that real life always comes first.

We will do what we can to support you and help you get what you’re looking for out of EVE. All we require is you have a positive attitude, assist fellow corp members when possible, and help move the corp towards its goals.

We are recruiting for both time zones, however we are primarily an EU time zone corp looking to expand our US time zone base.

New bros and vets are welcome to join.

What we offer:

★ Weekly mining ops with boosts
★ Regular roaming low-sec PvP ops
★ Faction warfare opportunities
★ PvE ops (lvl 4’s / trig invasions)
★ Manufacturing & Research
★ Corporation buyback program
★ Active Discord channel
★ 100+ members
★ EU/US Time zones
★ Have fun at your own pace

Feel free to contact one of our recruiters.
US Time zone: Joe Buch, Paco Telameti, Box Kicker
EU Time zone: Master Nuggie, Paj Jo

Hop onto our discord (https://discord.gg/YYBPXKy)
Or join our in-game public channel Eire Pub if you’re interested.

Recruitment is still open

Bump. For a good friend

Still accepting applications

Returning player here. Mind chatting with me on discord? Feem#0358

We are still accepting applications

Recruitment is still ongoing

I would like to check it out

Recruitment is still open

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