Eire Engineers - We are looking for relaxed mature players to join us

Eire Engineers is a friendly and relaxed PvP/PvE/Industrial corporation looking to expand our ranks. We are primarily looking for PvP pilots, but all are welcome to join. We are a member of the Reckless Contingency [RECON] alliance operating primarily out of the drone regions. We have no mandatory ops because we understand that real life always comes first.

We will do what we can to support you and help you get what you’re looking for out of EVE. All we require is you have a positive attitude, assist fellow corp members when possible, and help move the corp towards its goals.

We are recruiting for both EU and US time zones, however we are primarily an EU time zone corp looking to expand our US time zone base.

What we offer:

★ Real life come first

★ Daily null-sec PvP opportunities

★ Mining ops with boosts

★ PvE ops

★ Manufacturing & Research

★ Corporation buyback program

★ Active Discord channel

★ 100+ members

★ EU/US Time zones

★ Have fun at your own pace

Feel free to contact one of our recruiters.

Joe Buch, Paco Telameti, Box Kicker, Ravandel Daron, Jumble Aya

Hop onto our discord (https://discord.gg/YYBPXKy ) and have a chat.

Or join our in-game public channel Eire Pub if you’re interested.

We are still recruiting. Stop by and say hi :slight_smile:

Recruiting is still going. Join us in discord for a chat!

Still here and still recruiting.

Hey there,
I’ve read your recruitment post and it looks interesting. However i have a few questions i hope you can answer:

  1. I’ve looked up your corp on Dotlan and your alliance has a total of around 1350 players. Are all these players spread out over the 6 systems you hold in Cache ? Sounds kinda crowded looking at PvE oppurtunities :slight_smile:
  2. You mention you operate out of the drone regions. Do you mean your systems in Cache because that is not part of the drone region afaik ?
  3. Do you have a connection to the PanFam coalition since i’m assuming from your one system in Delve you guys are operating in the current war ?

We’d be happy to chat with you in our discord or in-game. Hit us up!

@Extremy_Erata I sent you a message in-game :slight_smile:

To the top we go. Recruitment continues.

Recruitment is still open.

An Eve haiku:

Warp drive is active
Locking target at the gate
I am in my pod

Eire Engineers
Recruitment is ongoing
Come and fly with us

Recruitment still going strong. Pop into our in-game channel or discord and say hi.

Happy Monday! Recruitment is still open.

Still here. Stop by and say hi!

Still recruiting. Come fly with us!

Still looking for pilots to join us!

Happy Saturday! Recruitment is on-going. Come check us out.

Hope everyone is doing well today! We are still recruiting :slight_smile:

Recruitment continues. Hop into our discord and say hi!

Recruitment up and running. Stop by and say hi.

Pop in and say hi.

Recruiting is still going. Join us in discord for a chat!