Electronic Warfare Sentry

(Sepheir Sepheron) #1

Stationary, fragile, powerful and long ranged e-war drones that can wreak havoc if allowed to project their garbage uninterrupted or keep a location between a target and yourself unfavorable for your enemy. I can imagine a ton of uses for this sort of thing. There could be short ranged very potent variants that can be used as a sort of trap or all in drop, and long ranged weaker ones that can assist from a safe distance to ships without the reach or speed to dispatch them. To keep people from withdrawing and deploying drones over and over to avoid destruction there should be a deployment time so they need some time before they begin doing their job. Perhaps even a logistics series could work?

My take on it: The idea itself is very simple and can be done without the over the top bs I’m adding below, I just thought this might be neat. Please don’t dismiss the idea based on the proposed stats or that cloak thing, different range drones or whatever because it doesn’t have to be that flashy and I think even stock drone ecm sentries with normalized range would be dank fun. Thanks for reading, soooo…

All Variants: Very low hp with size and bandwidth requirements similar or equal to attack sentries.
Long Range Variants: Low strength. Medium optimal range with high falloff and low scan res. Only one locked target at a time. Will only agress manually.
Close Range Variants: High Strength. Very low (10?) optimal range with minimal falloff and extreme scan res. Large max target amount, can be set to automatically agress anything in range based on standings and fleet if applicaple. These sentries will cloak if not targeted within 30 seconds of being deplyed and will automatically uncloak if a target enters the aggression range if set to do so.

Energy Neutralizing:
Close- Vampire (high alpha)
Long- Glyph (low alpha)

Close- Ghost (medium duration)
Long- Wraith (low duration)

Sensor Dampening:
Close- Vector (very long duration)
Long- Sense

Target Painting:
Close- Marker (very long duration)
Long- Pin

Close- Tarantula (will point)
Long- Weaver (mostly falloff)

(DrysonBennington) #2

ECM Warfare Sentries are definitely an interesting idea.

(elitatwo) #3

Thank Bob that doesn’t sound slightly overpowered at all.

(Your Ex-Girlfriend) #4

Only if one is named “Scissors”

(Deckel) #5

Turning current E-war drones into Sentries might be one way of functionally fixing them, but I think you would need to make them near-overpowered to get much use out of them.

Of course another option similar to your suggestion would be to turn these immobile E-war platforms into deployable structures instead. Yes I know this would not help much, unless you are able to control it to some degree, and have your allies not be at risk due to it, so there would likely need to be some new skills associated to it.

(Daichi Yamato) #6

Sentries are very powerful, but at least they have low tracking. E-war does not have tracking. And these still seem instantly retractable. Those are my immediate reservations.

Why aren’t current e-war drones enough? Why do we need these?

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